Elliot McGucken

Ph.D. Physicist / Fine Art Photographer / Sculptor
McGucken Fine Art
Malibu California

Dr. Elliot McGucken is an award-winning fine art landscape photographer and award-winning physicist who has penned books on physics and photography, including a book on golden ratio compositions in fine art and photography. His "Golden Spacetimes" sculptures celebrate the golden mathematical beauty pervading nature and classical art, governing the geometrical shapes of plants, animals, ocean waves, galaxies, the beauty of the human form, the composition of classical paintings and sculptures, and his own theories on spacetime. McGucken's award-winning Ph.D. dissertation was an artificial retina for the blind which restored sight to the visually impaired, and today he seeks to again serve with light via his art and photography.

Spiral Galaxy Wave Spacetime
Spiral Galaxy Wave Spacetime
10 x 11 x 4 cm
Aluminum (Also Fabricating in Optical Glass with Prismatic Qualities)

The golden ratio pervades nature's beauty, and McGucken's Spiral Galaxy Wave Spacetime sculpture celebrates the divine proportion's ubiquitous beauty via a single golden spiral representing both an ocean wave and a galaxy, spanning the local to the universal. The golden spiral's cross-section is in the shape of an equilateral triangle, so when made from optical glass, it will have prismatic qualities in splitting the spectrum of visible light into a rainbow, which also manifests the golden ratio via the distribution of the rainbow's colors. The sculpture is proportionally mounted on a dodecahedron which in turn resonates with golden harmonies via its pentagonal faces and the inherent golden symmetries of the "most golden" Platonic solid.