Irene Rousseau

Artist, MFA, PHD
Woks in museums collections internationally
41 Sunset Drive, Summit, NJ, 07901,USA
From early childhood on, I have been fascinated with forms in nature. I observed the logical order of natural forms. They revealed symmetry, rhythms, progressions, and patterns. As a professional artists, I now create artworks that are metaphorically related to the structure and patterns in nature that have inspired my work.
"Stretching the Space: Geometry and Markings"
"Stretching the Space: Geometry and Markings"
91 x 9 x 4 cm
oil paint on canvas, pen and ink
Mathematics and art are related in that they both represent a clear structural order. Yet, they speak a different non-verbal language and seek it through different lenses. The painting begins with a geometric conception on a two-dimensional plane. It is based on a grid with linear expansions of interlocking patterns that are closed with open spaces. It is a sequence of numbers that are combined to stretch the space. The square unit module is a unifying element. Multiple units and sums of combinations result in a continuous unit. The central core consists of rotated interlocking patterns, cutting across and overlapping contour lines that result in subdivided spaces and fragmentation.There is symmetry, rotation, rhythms and tiling patterns.