Joan Esparraguera

Cervià de Ter, Catalonia, ES
Joan Esparraguera has always been a restless person attracted by the interrelation of forms with mathematics. Observer and creative, with some engineering studies, he has become a big fan of origami for six years. Creative and hardworking, he has created and developed different designs on display in an exhibition hall. Together with his son, Oriol Esparraguera, he has started projects still in development that will surely have an unprecedented level. His work is marked by extraordinary intuition and sensitivity.
Katerina tessellation
Katerina tessellation
40 x 40 cm
Origami paper Elephant
Katerina is a tessellation inspired by the movement of water. It is the perfect combination of concave and convex spaces from a regular composition of circles connected by tangents. The author says, "I love being able to express with a single role part of the life around me. Nature itself”.