Josep Tarres

Project coordinator
Digital Numbers Technology initiative
Girona, Catalonia, Spain
I have interests in engineering applied to STEM. Therefore, I am involved in creating objects that have a geometric background with not only educational math content but also industrial applications. They have to be beautiful in order to be appealing to everyone.
Dissected pentachoron
Dissected pentachoron
30 x 35 x 30 cm
The pentachoron (5-cell, 4-simplex) is made of 5 tetrahedron, each one joined at the other 4 by their faces, 10 triangles (faces), 10 edges, and 5 vertices; the vertex-first projection is a 3D representation with a vertex at the center. On the other hand, dissections with polytopes are hardly used. The dissected pentachoron from above is a proposal of its partitioning in 2 equal polyhedral forms made of 2 tetrahedrons. It has several features: for instance, all edges are reachable because there are no inner edges anymore; however, 2 faces are not shown (they are non-reachable). This mockup might be used as a didactic tool.