Yvette Kaiser Smith

Chicago, Illinois, USA
I am an artist who uses numbers. I invent systems for visualizing numerical values of sequences from the numbers π and e. I create wall-based geometric abstractions, where values of digits direct a composition’s formal structure, placement of line, shape, and color relationships. In 2016, I began a body of wall-based works, using laser-cut acrylic sheets separated by vinyl spacers. During COVID-19 closures, with no access to the maker space where I use a laser cutter, I began working the acrylic sheet with hand tools and using materials left over from previous projects. I began exploring different relationships between some of my larger acrylic sheet leftovers and industrial felt.
Weaving in pi: 17 digits (57…50)
Weaving in pi: 17 digits (57…50)
61 x 61 x 1 cm
3mm off-white polyester felt, 4.7mm ivory acrylic felt, matte black acrylic sheet, fluorescent blue acrylic sheet with spray varnish, 8/4 cotton carpet warp yarn, worsted cotton yarn, grommets.
In Weaving in pi: 17 digits (57…50) I wanted to try a simple weave using leftover acrylic strips and a scrap piece of industrial felt to create a minimal yet unpredictable composition. The acrylic pieces were 4 and 5 inches wide and the felt a 24 inch square. I pulled out several sequences from π that contained sequence …4,5… and applied each in multiple ways to reveal different compositions. Here, cuts in felt for the weave were determined by the sequence. The sewn horizontal line close to top represents 0, as does the shorter vertical sewn line that anchors the felt to the black. The cut in the felt, just below the short, sewn line, separates 5 and 7. For aesthetic reasons, I chose not to bring the blue up to the surface.