Marcel Tünnissen

Freelance Artist
Hörby, Sweden

As a polyhedron builder I prefer to build polyhedra that not many have built before and I try to keep them small. I use Chromolux paper which is a glossy cardboard for which the colours hardly fade. It requires more care since it is very sensitive to glue.

Compound of Fifteen Cubes
Compound of Fifteen Cubes
23 x 23 x 23 cm

This compound is the biggest fundamental compound of cubes that doesn't have a rotational freedom. It is mentioned in Verheyen's book "Symmetry Orbits" and a simplified model is shown as well. Ever since I noticed that the smallest pieces were missing I wanted to make a complete model. The smallest pieces have a side that is only 1 mm, which was quite a challenge both to cut and to glue.
This compound of 15 cubes can be interpreted as a multiplication between the two classical compounds of 5 and 3 cubes, where every cube in the compound of 5 is replaced by a classical compound of 3 cubes. This was used to divide the colours.
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