Michael Hootman

Founder/Creative Director
Dynammetry R&D, University of Nebraska Innovation Campus
Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
As an architect and designer I have always been fascinated by the works and writings of R. Buckminster Fuller. He developed and promoted a way of working that he referred to as experiential mathematics. In this effort, I had not intended to design a bottle and stopper. It materialized out of the intuitive exploration of simple geometries and care free curiosity.
The Medusae
The Medusae
13 x 5 x 5 cm
3D Resin Prints and Fluorescing Oil
A three fold trinity of rhombic faces (phi:one) generate a second tier of intersecting rhombi to create a prismatic crown. The interpenetrating geometries writhe and fall to form a self-same void; a chamber for the Gorgon antidote.