Phil Webster

Phil Webster Design
Chandler, Arizona, USA

I’ve had a life long love affair with geometry, and my sweet spot is taking ancient geometric traditions – particularly, in recent years, Islamic geometric patterns – and combining them with modern mathematical concepts like fractals and polyhedra to create unique, modern art and décor pieces for the modern home. I love making art that captures ancient traditions with a modern twist, and that brings order, beauty, and peace into peoples’ private spaces.

(20)12-20(21): Ten Years of Inspiration
(20)12-20(21): Ten Years of Inspiration
270 x 300 x 300 cm
wood, mat board, and acrylic paint
This dodecahedron features an Islamic geometric pattern custom designed to represent my years of participation at Bridges. I placed 7 points of a large star in each corner of each face, yielding 21-pointed stars at each of the 20 vertices. Given their 5-fold rotational symmetry, it was natural to place a 20-pointed star in the center of each face. Combined, the large stars thus represent (20)12 and 20(21). A chance arose to place an extra ten 7-pointed stars around each central star. The angles misalign by only a few degrees. Discrepancies were made imperceptible by carefully hand adjusting the pattern. Each face has two layers: a flat wood face and laser cut interlaced bands of mat board, all painted, assembled, and varnished by hand.