Phillip C. Reiner

Head of Advanced Geometries Department
Studio Olafur Eliasson

The Advanced Geometries Department of Studio Olafur Eliasson explores geometric, physical and natural phenomena in order to develop concepts and ideas for works of art.

Aperiodic Subgrouping
Aperiodic Subgrouping
3 x 80 x 80 cm
polyurethan, paint
The model shows a physical study of an aperiodic sub-grouping. On a larger set of a fivefold symmetric point-cloud studies were performed to subdivide the pattern. As the points were substituted for tiles every group has been tilted into the same direction in order to reflect the sunlight at a specific angle. Over the course of the day the visible pattern will change. The example shows five subgroups and can be arranged with ten different tiles. The number of groups and their relation, so as the number of tiles can be changed as desired. The model has been painted black and the tilting was set to a minimum to minimize the casting of shadows within the pattern.