Tis Ernst

Designer / Artist
TisR / Atelier Tis Ernst / Led it be Lichtobjecten
Halfweg / The Netherlands
Math, beauty & functionality moves Tis Ernst In her capacity as a visual artist, Tis Ernst works from her fascination with ‘the human being in movement’. For years, Tis worked together with her husband, designer Raimond Puts (1937-2012). Their collaboration was a path leading past physics and mathematics, technical proficiency and philosophy. This TisR light piece is a tribute to her husband and their collaboration. Quote: “Continuing the work has moved me literally and figuratively since his passing” With ‘movement’ remaining one of the most important recurring themes in her work,Tis is moving forwards with the visual studies and ideas they developed together, but also with new shapes and materials, like the TisR Visible
TisR Visible
TisR Visible
5 x 37 x 37 cm
Stainless Steel with PMMA lenses
Math, beauty and functionality together: 3 aspect in my work This lightobject is inspired by the icosahedron, a very special one: the Raimond - the light object of my late husband Raimond Puts. More than 25 years ago, we cut an image from the newspaper of a carbon atom that helped me discover the relationship between a carbon atom and the icosahedron. It seems to be an orthogonal projection. When I realized a carbon atom can have the same shape by projection, as one orthogonal projection of the icosahedron, this became the starting point for my new light object. It is like connecting the earthly with the starry sky, making the invisible visible: the relationship between the icosahedron and the carbon atom by an orthogonal projection.