Regina Bittencourt

Artist and IT Consultant
Santiago, Chile

Although our culture has two separate disciplines for mathematics and art, I believe that mathematics is of a unique intrinsic beauty. And it is what I wanted to show when making each artwork: expressing the beauty of a curve, the game of algorithms and how the organization of numbers can form algebraic surfaces.
This year I made what we call Ygrographies; we did several tests using different types of fluids, supports and pressing techniques to make artistic paintings.
Mathematics is always beautiful.

The Hele-Shaw Coral Reef
The Hele-Shaw Coral Reef
35 x 25 cm
Ygrography done with acrylics on cardboard
Ygrography: painting made by applying fluids of different viscosities, pressed on a plane of various porosities, in what is called Hele-Shaw flow. It is a technique whereby laminar flow between closely spaced parallel plates simulates potential flow when viewed from above the plates. It is a physical process supported by mathematical models described in the paper “Ygrography, Creating Artworks by means of Hele-Shaw’s Fluxes”, presented at this conference. In this case, I applied axial pressure in different orientations on cardboard treated with three coats of primer. I was inspired by coral reefs.