Seiya Kirihara, Yuki Kobayashi

Osaka City University
Osaka, Japan
I am a student of the department of architecture, Osaka City University. I am interested in geometric modeling and digital fabrication. During my research, I became interested in foldable structures. In my graduation thesis, I researched geometrically interesting foldable structure.
Kiri-Ori-gami foldable pavillion
Kiri-Ori-gami foldable pavillion
15 x 25 x 20 cm
Kent paper and Styrene board
This art work is a flexible sponge surface based on truncated octahedra. This model consists of panel-hinge framework. Hinge parts are created by folding (like Origami).This model has two major features. It can be folded flat (see upper photo) and it is possible to raise this solid by adding three pillars of truncated octahedra into this model (see lower photo). By adding three pillars of truncated octahedra into this model, the entire structure becomes rigid. We envisioned this model that people could pass through and stay in, and created it at 1/50 scale.