Somayeh Gholami bardeji

Lisbon, portugal
Somayeh Gholami Bardeji was born in Shiraz, Iran, in 1981, based in Lisbon. She holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Coimbra in 2013. Besides being a scientist, her big passion is Persian Calligraphy-Painting's art. Somayeh was active in the Persian Calligraphy community in Iran through her membership of the Society of Iranian Calligraphers in 2004. She is working on a primary Kufic and Shekasteh Nastaliq and got a master's degree in Naskh, Nastaliq, and Ketabat from the Society of Iranian Calligraphers in 2006.
My worlds
My worlds
150 x 150 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Presented artwork is inspired by primary Kufic calligraphy. The white part resembles the blackboard and chalks where you could see part of the Ph.D. dissertation of Somayeh. Moreover, the white part represents the nerve-wracking resulting from solving complex mathematical equations and scratching what you thought might be right. The artwork sketches two universes that Somayeh lives in calligraphic painting and Mathematics. To control the font size and make the figures homogenous, Somayeh has designed each figure with two parallel pencils separately in a harmonic manner. The depth is a result of utilizing different sizes of fonts. The artwork is an impromptu performance of mind and hand.