Susan Gerofsky and Nevena Tadic

Assoc. Professor, Mathematics Education/ Ceramic Artist
University of British Columbia/ Nevena Tadic Ceramic Design Studio
Vancouver, BC, Canada
A collaboration between two friends who like to explore playful dimensions of mathematical artwork. Susan Gerofsky loves to translate mathematical patterning across scales and artistic media, noticing affordances for embodied, imaginative mathematical understanding as things vary or remain invariant. Nevena Tadic brings humor and fine ceramic craftsmanship to the shapes and images of everyday life.
Wings Over Dry Land
Wings Over Dry Land
120 x 60 x 2 cm
Acrylic-painted ceramic mobile of combinatoric PH4 poem
This mobile of handmade ceramic tiles represents an original combinatoric poem structured on the PH4 bellringing pattern, a 4-strand braid that produces 8 permutations, a subgroup of the 4! permutations on 4 elements. Tiles are of a minimal shape that creates a classic 3-fold Islamic tiling. The shapes were drawn with compass and straightedge, traced in white clay and kiln fired. Each tile is painted with a word and distinctive color design, and hung in an array so that one can see the whole 9-line poem at a glance, tracing the diagonal braided pattern by color. Each word tile has a distinctive orientation to create a feeling of whimsical flight. The mobile invites contemplation of variation in this simple, evocative 4-word poem.