Takako Udo

Fukuoka, Japan

We have developed a novel geometric puzzle "RUPA".
It's simple, beautiful, intuitively, and happily inspiring.
RUPA Geometric Art provides geometric construction puzzles of dichroic-type panels.
The flexible panels allow you to make not only regular-faced polyhedra but also some isomorphic shapes of non-regular faced polyhedra.
Try some of those published in mathematical or scientific journals!
You can also design new shapes by drawing polyhedral graphs.
Geometric shapes of your design will turn into beautiful ornaments in your room, which look differently day or night.
Explore geometric beauty with RUPA!

45 x 45 x 45 cm
dichroic plastic panels

RUPA Sparke is inspired by a stellated rhombic triacontahedron having 60 rhombuses (diagonals have the square of the golden ratio φ2=2.618・・・) and 120 parallelograms. It is approximated with 180 φ2-rhombuses with a twist. The arched edges create dynamic appearance of the object with color gradation.