Matthew Bajor, Cara DeLacluyse and Bjoern Muetzel

Undergrad student; Undergrad student; Assistant professor
Department of Mathematics, Eckerd College
St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
Matthew Bajor: I am an undergraduate student majoring in mathematics and visual arts. Because of my unique pair of studies, I am constantly looking for ways to connect them. Cara DeLacluyse: I am an undergraduate student majoring in marine biology with a minor in visual arts. My hope is to combine my passion for both art and marine science. Art can be an invitation to people who are uncomfortable or inexperienced with science and it can help to open conversations about conservation among different groups of people. Bjoern Muetzel: I am a mathematician working in the area of low dimensional geometry. I have always been fascinated by the intersection of math and art and especially by the numerous beautiful patterns found in nature.
Patterned icosahedron
Patterned icosahedron
24 x 25 cm
Digital print
The icosahedron is one of the Platonic solids. We made a patterned version of this solid and put mirrors on all of its inside faces. We then used a spherical camera to take a picture of the inside and transformed it using a stereographic projection. This method produces characteristic images for each Platonic and Archimedean solid. In the icosahedron stars and flower petals can be seen. Images from other solids can be found on the website.