Tom Lindquist

Proof School
California, USA
I have been interested in both math and origami from a young age, and recently I have been interested in the world of origami tessellations. These tessellations are mathematically interesting, allowing for many different types of tiling and symmetry, as well as technically interesting to design and fold, and the final product is visually pleasing. I have been especially fond of tessellations with a three-dimensional aspect to them, although I also enjoy a technique known as "flagstone tessellation" which creates a flat tiling of polygons, generally hexagons, triangles, rhombi and trapezoids.
Tessellation Trio
Tessellation Trio
45 x 45 cm
White Glassine, Brown Elephant Hide, Blue TANT paper
I chose this set of three tessellations because I think it does a good job of showcasing the wide range of possibilities for origami tessellations. Although they are unified by the triangular grid from which they are all folded, they all have different symmetry groups, from the simple rectangular p1 wallpaper group (blue), to the more complex p6 (brown) and p6m (white) symmetries. Also on display are multiple levels of three-dimensionality, with one being a flat tiling of the plane (white) and the others having ribbons of paper that do not lie flat. Lastly, on a purely aesthetic level, they are distinguished by the different colors, textures, and thicknesses of the papers used.