Tord Tengstrand

Nygård, Fläckebo, Sweden

-I have been working a lot with symmetry and chain-structures.
-The inspiration to me has been the fascination that a structure, that can look so chaotic, also can have a strict symmetric order.
The relationship between this work and mathematics is e.g. chaos, symmetry and order. It is built up with a rather unique chain-element. The chain containing eight parts and are linked together to form a cubic structure. If you want to figure out how they are connected, think about it, or If you want to see how: type in

Order in chaos
Order in chaos
30 x 57 x 50 cm
Material is wood, painted with iron-powder solved in glue, and made rusty.

The chain consist of 8 parts, with an eight-sided cross section, linked to form a cubic structure.