Aaron Cho

High School student
Proof School
San Francisco, California, USA

Tessellations, both viewing them and folding them, are mesmerizing to me. When I started folding them, I began with relatively simple designs and fairly small grid patterns. As I became more adept, the process of creating larger and larger grids was both more time consuming and satisfying as it allowed me to produce more intricate patterns. In the simpler patterns, the geometric shapes were more standard and evident, but this design and its foundational geometric shapes are more complex and invite the viewer to think more deeply about its underlying mathematics.

Bramble Rose
Bramble Rose
40 x 40 x 1 cm
Elephant hide paper

Tessellation Bramble Rose designed by Joel Cooper, folded from a hexagonal 112 pleat grid on elephant hide paper. The middle is a set of rhombuses, while the other portions are twisted rhombuses.