Anne Rudanovski

Artist and Art Professor
Pallas University of Applied Sciences
Tartu, Estonia

Anne Rudanovski is an Estonian sculptor and educator.
Her work is characterized by immersion in the symbolism of man-made material paper as a symbol of culture. In 2019, she spent six months traveling around the world to document and study the disappearing art of handmade paper production in the traditional 'paper countries' of the world (China, Japan, Korea, etc). An example of her recent work is a series of exhibitions exploring and questioning the meanings of the book as a format. Founder of the Paper Museum ( 2010 and Estonian Origami Centre SATORI 2020; A Guinness World Record holder: Together with her students, created the world's largest mosaic of used batteries 2017.

Mandala Objects as Cryptograms of The Self
Mandala Objects as Cryptograms of The Self
120 x 90 cm
Photo with added folded objects
23x23 cm sheet of paper divided into 256 squares, each with two diagonals. The creative process is based on two basic origami principles and aesthetic considerations. Determining the number of different models is a seemingly simple combinatorial problem that requires the formula \[C_n^m=\dfrac{n!}{m!(n-m)!}\] to be applied a certain number of times. For example, if we consider that each pattern row consists of two rows of the grid, the transition from one pattern row to the other is done in only one of the possible ways, we get 266 different objects. If, however, we allow for example also different transitions between pattern repeats, the number of objects is well over 1000. In conclusion: the journey of self-discovery will be a long one.