Faye E. Goldman

Origami Artist
Ardmore, Pennsylvania, USA
I have been doing origami since elementary school. I was drawn to modular origami by its structure and mathematical properties. This is the medium in which I work. More recently, I found the Snapology technique by H. Strobl, which allows creativity with very few rules using only strips of material. I like to use beautiful ribbon which seems to add another dimension to my work. Snapology has allowed me to dig deeply into mathematical shapes. It has provided insights into mathematical concepts and ideas. I wrote, 'Geometric Origami', published by Thunder Bay Press. It is the first book completely dedicated to the Snapology technique. The bottom line is that I make these wonderful works because they look really cool.
Two Eggs based on (2,2) separation of initial pentagons
Two Eggs based on (2,2) separation of initial pentagons
15 x 10 x 10 cm
polypropylene ribbon
I started making eggs using the Snapology Technique about 10 years ago. Eggs can be thought of as modified Buckyballs. The number of triangles change but there are always 12 pentagons. This pair of 'eggs' is a set where the distance between the initial pentagons are described as (2,2). From the center of a pentagon go 2 units away then at that intersection change the direction by 120 degrees and go another 2 units. You will be at the center of another pentagon. The first egg (tan and green) begins with three pentagons. The next layer has another 3 pentagons. The second egg (tan and blue) begins with one pentagon surrounded by 5 pentagons.