Marina Toeters and Loe Feijs

Fashion Innovators and Emeritus Professor of Industrial Design, respectively and TU/e and LAURENTIUS LAB
Eindhoven and Sittard, The Netherlands
The artists' motivation is to stimulate innovation in fashion. Not only the innovative use of known principles like fractals and tessellations, where mathematics is essential, but also textile and process innovation, next to business innovation (new forms of cooperation). We use for example sublimation printing, laser cutting, laser engraving and computer embroidery for the construction of the garments.
100 x 50 x 50 cm
Lasercut multilayer woven polyester fabric
We present a new interpretation of the well-known fractal of Apollonian circles. By means of a novel tracing algorithm, the motif is turned into a single line, which allows for laser engraving and for two-tone color schemes. Moreover the cut pattern design is informed by the circles in the motif. We realized a collection of four garments: a short gilet, a longline gilet, circle skirt, and a long sleeve shirt. We thank Janne Beelen and Pauline Vaandrager for the help and support during the realization and fotoshoot of this collection.