Francesca Silverton

Ceramic Artist and Teacher of Mathematics
London, England
I am a ceramic artist and mathematics teacher interested in rolling topologies and sculptures which encourage the viewer to draw the object towards them and hold the object. I hold a MPhil in Economics and a PhD in Statistics (London). I use CAD (3D printing on an Ender 3 v2), along with traditional plaster model and mold-making from functional and industrial ceramics. I use clay slab pressing, hand building and slip casting techniques for the form, and develop engobes and underglazes for surfaces. Glazes are not used, as the models have no bases, and must roll freely.
Green Dupin Cyclide
Green Dupin Cyclide
18 x 18 x 9 cm
Stoneware clay with green underglaze

The Dupin Cyclide is a shape generated from sequences of spheres. In mathematical terms, cyclides are convex bodies of constant width. They can also be thought of as inversions of torus' , cylinders or double cones. I use stoneware clay to make this cyclide, to create a strong sculpture that is non porous. I decorate the surface with an underglaze made from ceramic stains. A glaze would stick to the kiln shelf as the sculpture has no flat base.