Geraldine Jones

Basketry artist
Forces in Translation
Porthleven, Cornwall, UK

The origin of my work is in the craft of basketry and an appreciation of basketweaving techniques and weavable materials from around the world. These elements provide an infinite source of inspiration and ideas.
Despite being one of the initial prehistoric skills to be explored, basketweaving has since occupied a humble position in society whilst the potential for using basketry techniques in other disciplines has been largely overlooked.
My recent work with stainless steel wire rope develops from a reflection on the fragility of past basketry and a hope that the many techniques found worldwide will find a place in future societies.
Over the past few years I have been working with the group Forces in Translation exploring the interface

Hyperbolic Cycloid Looping
Hyperbolic Cycloid Looping
25 x 40 x 40 cm
1mm. stainless steel wire rope

A circular piece of hyperbolic curving, made in flexible wire rope, using a basketry looping technique. The technique is more often associated with rattan basketry from Borneo and surrounding countries. It is sometimes referred to as a 'cycloid' weave. The initial loops are very similar to a chain sinnet knot, or the first row of crochet. However, subsequent rows are made very differently to crochet as the entire length of the weaving material has to be pulled through each loop before moving on to the next one. The piece is robust and flexible and has been made to be explored. Please gently rearrange the loops, turn the work over, see how many curves you can make and try fitting them inside each other. Make your own hyperbolic sculpture.