Helena Verrill

Teaching staff
Warwick University
Coventry, West Midlands, United Kingdom
My recent origami work is based on explorations of the water bomb base tessellation, some of which was written up in my 2021 Bridges article. This is an in-depth consideration of many variations on a tessellation first folded by Ron Resch. I also have explored many other origami tessellations, and I am particularly interested in variation of structure, the interrelationship between different patterns, and the process of progression from one deign to another. I also produce generative art work inspired by mathematical ideas, for example Truchet tilings, the game of life, and highly symmetric patterns. I am particularly drawn to create moving images, illustrating dynamically changing relationships between mathematical structures.
Fractal Waterbomb Design
Fractal Waterbomb Design
45 x 45 x 12 cm
This is folded from a fractal design based on the water bomb base tessellation. Only the first four iterations are folded. A simple fan fold completes the design instead of infinitely many iterations. The work is folded from a single sheet of paper with A-series aspect ratio. The design appears as variation (4) in Figure 1 of my 2021 Bridges paper. However, for the current work, the design has been stretched, so that a square becomes A series paper. The resulting tessellation is no longer flat folding. However, the new ratio of the sides ensures a much better form of the slightly opened out origami, with a rigid plane corrugation possible, whereas the angles for the flat version result in a slightly curved formation when opened out.