Joan Folguera Farré

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Lleida, Spain
I like to be dynamic with math. In fact, I am the secretary of LLEIMAT, the Association of Mathematics Teachers of FEEMCAT, a group of the Organization for the Teaching of Mathematics in Catalonia and an active member of the Museum of Mathematics of Catalonia. Last but not least, I do workshops, presentations, talks and exhibitions all over Catalonia.
Tetrahemihexahedron with dented cube
Tetrahemihexahedron with dented cube
15 x 15 x 15 cm
Weight card 200 g to be folded better
This polyhedron is formed by a tetrahemihexahedron and the hole is filled with dented cubes. It has the peculiarity that the total surface is invariant. Get to fill the whole hole but the surface is the one that was originally there: the side area of the inner pyramid green