Joan A. Blanc

Museum of Mathematics of Catalonia, MMACA
Barcelona, Spain
Catalan industrial designer and professor at the Elisava and Eina school in Barcelona. In the field of design he specialized in furniture and lighting applied to the domestic, urban and office buildings. Nowadays, he is the director of Museu de l'Ebre (Tortosa) with permanent workshops on manipulative mathematics.
3x120º corrugated labyrinth
3x120º corrugated labyrinth
60 x 50 x 1 cm
Ethylene-vinyl acetate plaque with metallic paint for thickness
This work consists of three structures of two identical concentric spirals, which converge with a central crossroads that allows you to choose the way to continue towards one of the exits / entrances. This artwork is made of EVA plaque and lines with metallic paint for thickness; therefore, it is a corrugated labyrinth.