Joseph Yudovsky

Sc.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Managing Director (Retired)
California, USA
I developed the mathematical algorithms, used with parametric CAD, to open space for artistic imagination, creation of the beautiful and unique sculptures. They give sensation of serenity through resolution of visual conflicts between plain and elaborate surfaces, coherence and unpredictability of turns, cheerful and pastel hues. Slow rotation of the sculptures displays amazing and tranquilizing transition of shape. All my sculptures derive from the few common models with different matrices of parameters. Each matrix defines a specific form. By changing parameters, a smooth transition of the shapes could be shown, producing plurality of the very distinguishable sculptures.
Quadro Star Metamorphoses
Quadro Star Metamorphoses
50 x 50 x 50 cm
External star - Painted Plywood, Internal star - 3D printed PLA
The sculpture includes two Quadro Stars of the different shapes, which in fact are produces by a common geometrical model with the variable parameters. Their resemblance seems to be limited to four vertexes projection on a horizontal plane. However, sequence of the intermediate transformations shows slow metamorphoses from a compact body to a distinguished eight link star. A linked video captures transformation, produced by changing values of the parameters in dynamic. Some intermediate form presents completely independent sculpture themselves.