Owen Rohm


Atlanta, Georgia, USA


For me, math and art and mathy art inspire a sense of wonder that makes me excited to learn more about the world around me! So often, both art and math can come across as subjects for exclusive high society academic types, but I believe in everyone's ability to engage with these subjects. As such, I'd like my work to be accessible by as many people as possible. The piece I submitted this year is an example of a project that can be made using 3D printable joints I designed for educators to run workshops on building polyhedra. These joints and some dowels from the hardware store could hopefully replace the more expensive modeling kits that are on the market right now, making math manipulatives more mainstream!


Image for entry 'Pentagonal Icositetrahedron Exploration (PIE)'

Pentagonal Icositetrahedron Exploration (PIE)

45 x 45 x 45 cm

3D printed vertices, poplar dowels, laser cut acrylic, paracord


Additional info

This is a sculptural exploration of some properties of the Pentagonal Icositetrahedron: a really cool Catalan Solid! This piece is meant to be an example of a use for these 3D printable, parametrically modeled vertex pieces I designed for educators to use in math workshops. With this particular model, I wanted to illustrate the chirality of the solid (through the swirling motif) and its surprising octahedral symmetry (through the pink paracord).