Philippe Leblanc

Visual Artist - Architect Engineer
Brussels, Belgium

My work reflects my joint vision as both an architect and an artist, as well as my love for geometrical abstraction.
Mathematics is a constant source of inspiration, but not a goal per se. The aesthetic and playful aspects of my artwork are always the final criteria. I am delighted when people with no mathematical background or supposedly allergic to it are sensitive to my art.
Lately I have been inspired by such famous irrational numbers as Phi, Pi and the square root of 2, which cost so much work to generations of mathematicians. As a tribute to their discoveries and calculations, I imagined representations of the decimals of these numbers in 2D colored puzzles or 3D architectural models.

PentaPuzzle 121 Phi Grey
PentaPuzzle 121 Phi Grey
66 x 63 x 6 cm
Wood, Plexiglass, Acrylic Paint

The ‘PentaPuzzle Phi 121 Grey’ is a geometric representation of the golden ratio Φ, a well-known irrational number (1.61803398875...). In a regular pentagon with sides of length one, the distance between two opposite points has length Φ.
This pentagonal puzzle is made up of 120 identical isosceles triangles, arranged in crowns around a pentagon. A symmetrical pattern in slight relief is created by the extra thickness of half of the pieces.
The central pentagon stands for the integer 1, while the remaining pieces represent the first 120 decimals of the number Φ. A shade of grey is assigned to each number, from white for 1 to black for 0. The reading direction starts from the central piece to the triangle below, then clockwise.