Rashmi Sunder-Raj

Mathematical Artist
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
I seek patterns to make sense of my world. Some of these I choose to interpret as visual images. Occasionally I am able to develop means to summon these images into physical form as well.
Chain Maille Piece
Chain Maille Piece
36 x 36 x 1 cm
Metal rings
I have found that I can interpret my edge-touching regular polygon patterns as chain maille by representing the polygons by jump rings and adding extra rings as connectors between adjacent polygons. Details of this are given in my 2022 Bridges short paper “Approximating Edge-Touching Regular Polygon Patterns Using Chain Maille”. Here, I took a pattern of edge-touching 18-gons that I had worked in bead crochet for JMM 2021 and recreated most of it in this fashion (with a few extra oval rings to pinch areas together). The bead and chain maille pieces are quite different in size, but both give the basic feel of the original polygon pattern.