Richard Hammack

Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics, Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, Virginia USA

I see my recent work as being closely aligned with printmaking. A piece begins as a LaTeX source code, which is typeset, laser-printed, cut, folded and glued. The objects in this submission are envelopes that are intended to be disseminated through the mail (with the postmarked stamp a stand-in for an edition number). They are therefore---by necessity---flat.

Closed Surface Envelopes
Closed Surface Envelopes
12 x 63 x 45 cm
Card stock, paper, glue

This work consists of a card-stock box containing a dozen paper envelopes, each a topologically accurate (but flat) realization of a closed surface, such as a torus, Klein bottle or projective plane, etc. The envelopes are designed to be sent through the mail. However, for the purpose of this exhibition, I envision them arrayed on a table so that viewers can pick them up and examine them.