Theo Schaad

Seattle, WA, USA

After submitting an artwork to Bridges 2021 about Dodecagons and 12-fold tessellations, I found that my previous collection of 7-fold tilings needed additional attention. I ended 2021 with two very different solutions: one quite aesthetic and beautiful with 7-pointed stars, and another that is much more abstract. The first one is shown with computer graphics in our Bridges 2022 paper (P. Stampfli, T.P. Schaad: Ptolemy, the Regular Heptagon, and Quasiperiodic Tilings). The second one is reproduced here by hand in a collage using block prints.

Hepta Jagged
Hepta Jagged
100 x 80 cm
Collage of Block Prints

Hepta Jagged is a patch of an infinite quasiperiodic tessellation with local 7-fold rotational symmetry. The first impression was meant to be abstract, chaotic, and jagged. But the pattern is highly structured and should be viewed from both far and up close. There are only three base tiles, originally rhombs with distorted edges that fit adjacent tiles. Six triangles were filled with base tiles and were then combined as block prints into larger rhombs that are similar to the base tiles. The process can then be repeated ad infinitum. I encourage the viewer to try it out with paper and scissors.