Ulrich Mikloweit

Freelance artist
The objects of my art are polyhedron models, most preferable uniform ones but I also like many others and cannot resist building models of some of them too. My models are made from paper. Since I want to show how the faces look like in nonconvex shapes I cut holes into the facelets so that you can see the hidden parts. I cut the paper with scissors and knives and this is one reason why I use thin paper of 80 g/m2
Tribute to M.B.
Tribute to M.B.
30 x 30 x 30 cm
Paper, 80g/m2
My work is a paper model of a noble polyhedron consisting of 60 congruent faces. It has 60 vertices of 1 type. I discovered it in 2020 by facetting the Snub Icosidodecadodecahedron with the program Stella4D (see my paper in the Bridges proceedings of 2020: https://archive.bridgesmathart.org/2020/bridges2020-257.pdf). The faces are crossed hexagons with a rather weird shape. The model is a torus and it is self-dual. To see this click at the link below the picture, showing a morphing gif of the model to its dual and back.