Peichang Ouyang

Professor of Mathematics
School of Science, Guangxi University of Science and Technology
Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province, China

I am a faithful fan of Escher art. Now I am a professor at the School of Science, Guangxi University of Science and Technology. I received PhD degree in 2012 from the Sun Yat-sen University, China. My research interests include fractals, tilings, computer graphics, and the generation of Escher-like patterns.

Pyramid Knight
Pyramid Knight
38 x 48 cm
Pyramid Knight is inspired by Escher's Horseman and adapted from an original tessellation by Alain Nicolas. It was designed by Illustrator in vector format that satisfies precise wallpaper symmetry. However, we only show ten knights which are arranged as a pyramid structure. To enhance the aesthetic effect, we used the manual embroidery so that the embroidered knights has a slight three-dimensional effect. Because the thread used is very delicate, the entire embroidery, done by Fang Chen, took nearly a month. Note that the embroidery technique used here is the famous Suzhou embroidery that has a long history in China. Suzhou embroidery has a unique style of beautiful patterns, ingenious ideas, meticulous embroidery, lively stitching, and elegant colors, with strong local characteristics.