Adam Rowe


Knoxville, TN, USA


After studying graphic design and working in this field for several years, my desire to take the principles of design and apply them to media other than paper or the screen has steadily increased. Most of my work is “math art,” although I would never claim to know much math. Making a new artwork begins with a question I don’t immediately know the answer to. It ends with the artwork being the proof that the answer I came up with is true. The middle part, figuring it out, is often more time consuming than shaping the actual piece, although it is the part I enjoy the most.


Image for entry 'Variations on a Surface-Tiling Curve'

Variations on a Surface-Tiling Curve

21.0 x 50.0 x 50.0 cm

steel, paint


Additional info

These small sculptures are examples of a space-filling curve which tiles the faces of a cube. When these space-filling curves are linked together on a surface, they create a surface-tiling curve. The small oxidized cubes use several iterations of this curve. Stacks of any single iteration can also create larger solids with tiled faces and an unbroken path. The net of such a cube can be copied, twisted, and bent to form a band. Also, if a cube is formed from a net with this curve applied, it can then be sliced along this path to create two new mirrored shell segments.