2023 Bridges Conference Art Exhibition

José Ezequiel Soto Sánchez


José Ezequiel Soto Sánchez

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics, ITAM

Mexico City, Mexico




My work explores the aesthetic enjoyment in the use of mathematical discovery tools, leveraging the creative possibilities of computer graphics to bring mathematical ideas to life. As a mathematician with a background in computer graphics, I am passionate about discovering new ways to represent complex concepts visually. For me, mathematics is not just a rigorous discipline, but also an aesthetically pleasing activity that I enjoy exploring with creative computer code. My path is one of experimentation, using code to generate graphical representations of mathematical concepts. I hope that my work inspires others to explore the creative possibilities of mathematics.


Image for entry 'Parametric sculptures in color space'

Parametric sculptures in color space

50.0 x 50.0 cm



In a quest for the understanding of color I started playing with some code to explore color spaces. I created a discovery tool based on parametric curves in color space as a way to navigate color space with objects that are familiar to me as a mathematician. The sculptures in color space presented here are the result of color space exploration with such parametric curves. Letting the curves leave their traces on the canvas as the parameters change produces beautiful and colorful shapes. Shapes' colors emerge from color space itself as we traverse it with the parametric curves. So, in a strict sense, these shapes were sculpted from color space.