Manuel Diaz Regueiro


Math Teacher, Retired

Lugo, Galiza, Spain


My evolution has gone from combining mathematics and art to expressing myself mathematically and artistically through my works. I began by learning to create my own l-systems program, starting with 2D and progressing to 3D. Over the past four years, I have delved into polyhedrons, using them to create new shapes. Circles are a universal symbol in mathematics, nature, culture, and technology (think of the sun and the wheel), while polyhedrons embody mathematical and artistic perfection. By combining circles and polyhedrons, I have created works that merge art, mathematics, and science.


Image for entry 'Polyhedra with circles'

Polyhedra with circles

20.0 x 50.0 x 50.0 cm

White natural (and red) versatile plastic


Additional info

In my work, I explore the union of two mathematical worlds: polyhedrons and circles. This theme is presented in three different ways, including new theorems and constructions. My works also contain a hidden element - a new type of polyhedra made from circular arcs. I have created four artworks: the first, a large one featuring circles on a sphere, the second, a red piece where circular arcs define a polyhedron, and the other two depict winged dual polyhedra - showcasing the birth of these curved polyhedra made with arcs. Interestingly, all classical polyhedra can be made in the same way. In some cases, constructing the dual defines a new type of dual property, which adds to the richness and complexity of my works.