Cynthia McGinnis

Professor of Mathematics
Northwest Florida State College, Mathematics Department
Niceville, Florida

After graduating with a major in mathematics and a minor in art, I wanted to share my knowledge of mathematics. However, very few of my acquaintances understood or appreciated math but most appreciated some type of art. The art spurred conversations. It was at this time that I began exploring the connection between mathematical patterns, symmetry properties and graphic designs.

The language of mathematics is an obscure language for most. In an attempt to drawn people into discussions on the beauty of mathematics, my artwork utilizes number patterns, such as the Fibonacci sequence, magic squares, function patterns or matrices along with symmetry properties and a little imagination.

Fibonacci Mod 4
18.75X18.625 inches
Computer Generated graphic design

Fibonacci Mod 4 design was created using the Fibonacci sequence converted to mod 4, symmetry properties and the concept of infinity.

Sphere Within
Graph Design

This image uses Fibonacci sequence mod 4, symmetry properties and a globe within a globe depicting higher dimensions.

Butterfly Function
12.323x10.537 inches
Graphic Design

This design was created usinging functions and symmetry properties.