Christoph Bartneck, Jun Hu, Loe Feijs (teachers), Rick van de Westelaken, Wouter Kersteman, Thomas van Lankveld (students).

Professor of Industrial Design + colleagues + students
Industrial Design Department, Technical University of Eindhoven
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

The art works proposed are examples of results of a yearly workshop for industrial design students at TU/e. The workshop serves to teach mathematical principles to design students. The students defined tessellations in mathematical formulas, using the Mathematica software. But we do not stop at a digital representation of their tessellation design, we continue to cut their tessellations in Perspex (using vector graphics output from Mathematica). It moves the abstract concepts of math into the real world, so that the students can experience them directly, which provides a tremendous reward to the students. The pedagogics of the approach has already been described in [Bartneck, Feijs, 2009]. Now we selected three of the most interesting works for the exhibition. Two are in Perspex where pieces of different colours have been glued together. The third work also includes wood. In our opinion the works are visually interesting and the material qualities add to the overall aesthetics.

Man-shaped figures by Thomas van Lankveld
60 x 60 x0.5cm
laser cut wood

Circular TTTTTT configuration of man-shaped figures by Thomas van Lankveld , also see statement.

Skunks by Wouter Kersteman
58 x 36 x 0.6cm
coloured perspex, laser cut, foamboard background

Tesselation of Skunks by Wouter Kersteman, also see statement.

Stealth by Rick van de Westelaken
60 x 23 x 0.6cm
coloured perspex, laser cut, foamboard background

Gradually changing tesselation of stealth like figures by Rick van de Westelaken