Hans Kuiper

Kuiper's Math Art
Bunnik, The Netherlands

Hans Kuiper's Art for this exhibition can be characterized as Optical Minimal Art. It is Optical because nearby one sees other things than from a distance. It is Minimal because Kuiper reduces the colours of an input image from up to 16.777.216 (256x256x256) colours to a piece of art with only 8 colours. In stead of 256 values in each RGB-colour component he uses only 2: all or nothing. The colours are concentrated in strips. But the amount of colour within a strip remains the same as in the original image. He uses the colours: red, green, blue, black, white, magenta, cyan and yellow.

The shape of the strips can be straight lines, but also circles or a spiral. Recently Kuiper discovered Johan Gielis' Superformula as an extremely useful tool to create different shapes of the strips. It gave him an endless number of possibilities to vary his art.

In his other art pieces Kuiper creates Minimal Art Objects, Regular Divisions of the Plane and Photiles as one can see on his website.

Brigitte Bardot's lips in Minimal Art
40cm x 50cm
Digital Print

Optical Minimal Art creation with Brigitte Bardot's lips as a subject.

By using Johan Gielis' Superformula, I created strips in the shape of a "diagon" (a shape with two curved lines and two angles). I chose the formula parameters in that way that the shape of the diagon is very simular to the shape of the lips itself. I developed my own software to create my art.

Brigitte Bardot's Face in Minimal Art
50cm x 40cm
Digital Print

Optical Minimal Art creation with Brigitte Bardot's face as a subject.

This piece of art is built up with strips in the shape of a circle. I chose an eye as the centre of the circles. I made the choice to stop drawing the strip as soon as there is not enough space for the full width of the strip. This causes the jagged edge of the image and gives the image a special effect.