Jeannie Moberly

Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

Harmonic Perspective

In projective geometry basic incidence relations and duality are primary. Perspective is an elementary relation between points or lines linked to perspective drawing. Harmonics are geometric invariants featuring a fundamental fourness divided into two pairs. Using different definitions of harmonics, from basic incidence constructions to non-projective ones with circles, angles and distance ratios I've made three artworks that explore harmonics, perspective and their interrelationships. They are composed on hardboard painted with acrylic and oil. My pieces create 3D spaces with intersecting planes and based on CJ's diagrams made with Geogebra are an attempt to understand projective space without the influences of Renaissance and photographic perspective.

Here Kitty
oil on board

In Here Kitty harmonics are set up using a complete quadrangle and its diagonal points to find the conjugates. Various quadrangles in various planes share a harmonic line. Quadrangles can switch diagonal and conjugate points.

Inside Out
oil on board

Inside Out features an an Appollonian circle construction of a harmonic line and an inversion through separate conics so the observer observes the observer iteratively.

Intentional Cut
oil on board

In Intentional Cut harmonic pencils derived from 2 lines intersect in a quadrangle whose points will act in the involution of conjugate points along the harmonic line on the left which has one distant invariant point.