Mike Mckee

Chief Art Handler
The Walters Art Museum

My art work is inspired by the unknown, the subconscious and the metaphysical. As an artist I am always searching beyond the borders of what was defined by the art made yesterday. In recent years I have found that mathematical formulae provide certain laws that act as guide lines for which my vision can be projected upon. The field of mathematics is so vast and certain that it captures the simplicty and grace as well as the enormity of nature. The grid is a perfect example of mathematical simplicity and yet it provides the matrix for very complex representations.

Aesthetics are the manifestation of mathematics in nature where by balance and harmony become an observable equation that is pleasing to our senses. So the art that I make finds inspiration in the unknown elements of our universe exemplified through math and manifest in the final aesthetic product.

Bicorn Frequency
21" x 18"
acrylic on panel

I am fascinated how one shape can be reflected within another. In this painting the Bicorn Crescent nests on the Frequency Curve as they mimic one another. This reveals the knitted fabric of our universe. I have included the formula for each of the shapes in the painting so as to ackowledge the periphery, which is where the hidden aspects of the universe seem to exist.

Mathematical Sanctuary
12" x 17"
acrylic on panel

In our frenetic fast paced world I have aspired to depict a serene location where the laws of mathematics provide refuge.

The structures and shapes of geometry call to my mind a sacred quaulty that is perfect in every way.

Octahedron Merkaba
8" x 8"
Painted Steel Rod

This octahedron is outfitted with a ring that allows it to spin. When the object spins it takes on a new identity that reminds me of how an Oak tree is bound within the acorn. There are so many mysteries waiting to be unbound in the same manner.