Tetteh Tawiah

United States

To me the process of making art, exploring and developing innate abilities, is a vehicle of self-discovery that evolves into one of self-expression. A paint brush, a camera or a mitre saw are not just tools but the means to escape the outer world to reconcile the one within; finding a balance between the use of logic and imagination, integrating the use of left and right brain functions. The concept of whole brain thinking is one set of lenses I use to view the world .This lense provides a child like fascination with the mundane and fuels my art.

The constant pursuit of precision using miter saws (no computer numerical control machinery, laser cutters or 3D printers), painting with both hands simultaneously, and sculpting three dimensional fractals are things that make my work unique.

Cleopatra's Wings
12inches/ 16inches/ 21inches
resin ( precision-cut wooden piece was used to make mold)

Thirty triangular toroids connected via trapezoid facets to form structure. Two rings ( each comprising of 15 toroids ) is a pentagon ring that fans out into a pentagram ie the top side of the ring is a pentagon and the bottom is a pentagram

Vegetative Star
11 inches /11 inches/ 5 inches
resin ( precision -cut wooden piece was used to make silicon mold)

Fifteen pentagonal toroids are connected via trapezoid facets to form star-like structure. The pentagram shape on two ends are not aligned ( like an anti prism).This structure is a segment of a fractal star, and fractal sphere I designed.